Baltimore Pride is The PRIDE Center of Maryland’s largest fundraising event each year. PCOM uses all proceeds generated from Baltimore Pride to help over 800 SGM (sexual & gender minority) individuals each month.
Each year in June, the GLCCB kicks off Pride Month in celebration of Baltimore’s vibrant LGBTQ/SGL community. Baltimore Pride has grown from a small rally of a dozen activists in 1975, to a cavalcade of diversity showcasing the energy, culture and experience of our SGM community to more than 30,000 revelers each year.
This year’s theme, “You Matter, Love Matters, Pride Matters”, is representative of transforming fears into empowerment and embracing community to fight for justice and dignity.
#BaltimorePride #YouMatterLoveMattersPrideMatters
Baltimore Pride
Celebrating the long history of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer dignity, Baltimore Pride raises the visibility of the LGBTQ/SGL community and honors the freedom of all people to proudly express their sexual and gender identities.